Build an app for your Church

Engage your congregation in a mobile first world.

Connect With Your Community, Anytime, Anywhere

No longer does your reach need to be limited to Sunday mornings. With a mobile app you’ll be able to keep your congregation engaged throughout the week by having all of your content easily accessible and creating interactive discussion with your own social wall.

Communicate Important and Inspiration Messages

With Push Notifications you have a direct connection with every single person who has your app. Keep people inspired with daily messages or keep people up to date with the latest announcements.

Increase Donations

The world is only moving further towards online giving. Your app can have a link directly for people to donate using your existing giving platform, making it a seamless experience for all of your users.

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Community Walls

Build a vibrant community and get the conversation going. Create social walls for particular topic, prayers, small groups, general etc…

Push Notifications

Instantly communicate with your audience. Send targeted notification to groups or segments of users.

Sermons and Media

Integrate with YouTube or Vimeo to automatically bring in all your videos.

Maps and Locations

Include all of your campus locations or locations for home groups as well as information about the locations.

Event Calendars

Keep everyone up to date with your latest events.

Sermon Notes

Include your own notes as well as enable congregates to takes their own notes.